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The 10 Most Amazing Islands in Croatia – part 1

Croatia, a small country with more than 1200 islands. If your decision is to sail with us this summer, be sure that we did our homework. We will take to the most beautiful islands in Croatia. We checked them all out, just for you!

If you ask anybody who has been in Croatia, they will tell you that renting a yacht, catamaran, gulet or a motor boat will give you a unique experience. Most of the cities or villages on the islands are a mixture of typical Venetian architecture with white ancient bell towers (usually built with white stone coming from the island of Brač), fortresses (from medieval times), old taverns and, what is most important, some of the clearest waters and pristine beaches of the Mediterranean.

Don't miss these magnificent islands during your sailing trip. Most of them are special and interesting, containing secluded coves that are inaccessible from land.

With more over 10 years of experience, we have compiled this list of the 10 most beautiful Croatian islands.

10. CRES

Starting from the last, Cres is the 20th largest island in the Mediterranean. The island is located on the northern coast of Croatia. If you like pebbly beaches, rugged coastline, and dense green and hilly sceneries, then Cres is your best pick. The most interesting attractions on the island are the gigantic Griffon Vultures and the freshwater lake of Vrana.

This lake is one of the deepest freshwater lakes in Eastern Europe. One of the island’s highlights is the open-air museum of Osor. Popular activities on the island include: water sports, scuba diving, and hiking.


Kornati islands are situated in the central Adriatic Sea (northern part of Dalmatia). The whole archipelago has more than 120 uninhabited islands, reefs, and islets. Back in 1980, the islands were declared a National Park. No wonder, since they are very well known for their natural beauty, well-preserved, rich marine ecosystems and diverse rocky coastlines.

But what makes them even more interesting, for all who decide to come and sail in Croatia, is the fact that every year we can witness significant changes in the local development. Top-quality shoreline restaurants are popping up in every available cove, like mushrooms after heavy rain. They are perfect for kayaking, hiking or just for walking through vineyards, olive groves, and fig trees.

8. KRK

Similar to Cres, Krk is also an island located in the north part of Croatian coast. It is connected to the mainland by the bridge, which makes it easily the most populated and most accessible island.

7. PAG

The Island of Pag sits in the northern Adriatic Sea. It is a home of the Hideout Festival and the bars and clubs of the famous Zrce beach. If you are looking for a hot party destination – we will take you to Croatia's little Ibiza.