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Sailing vacation in Croatia – Sun, Relaxation, and Mediterranean Flair

Where in Europe can you find more than 1200 islands scattered along a 350-nautical-mile-long coast? The only possible answer to this question is: in Croatia! Combined with the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea this makes Croatia the most popular European sailing destination.

Holidays on a yacht?

Sounds great, doesn’t it? With our advice, your perfect holiday is closer than you think! You have probably already thought about the idea of a sailing holiday, or someone has told you about their sailing trip. Would you like to spend your holiday on a sailing yacht or a catamaran driven by the forces of nature? Imagine the following: you feel the wind, watch the untouched nature around you and simply cannot believe that you are exactly at the moment you have read about or been told about. This is an experience of a lifetime! Pure passion and adventure!

How much does it all cost?

The popular opinion is that sailing is a very expensive sport. Here we are talking about chartering a sailing yacht, a catamaran, or a motor yacht. Depending on the boat type, a week on a sailing yacht or a catamaran costs between 300-800 € per person. If you compare this with staying at a hotel, you can see that there is no big difference. There sre also last minute offers available that are even cheaper, however, it is better to book your desired yacht in time, preferably 6-8 months before your holiday. Most boats have room for 6-8 people, which means that you can share your holiday with friends and thus reduce your costs. You also have the possibility to book a skipper, a hostess or a cook for your sailing holiday. A skipper can take you to hidden places and show you secrets that you wouldn’t find otherwise. If you want to be pampered during your sailing holiday, you should book a hostess or a cook.

Now is the time to contact Lighthouse Sailing and take the next step towards sailing adventures with your family and friends in Croatia and charter a yacht! Croatia is only a few hours away from any European destination. Have we awakened your interest? We expect to see you soon!