Arrival to the Charter base | Yacht Charter Croatia

Arrival to the Charter base

So you have decided to spend your summer holiday sailing along the Croatian coast on your chartered yacht (sailing yacht, catamaran, motor boat or gulet), you have gathered a crew made of your family and friends and you are all fired up to finally board your yacht.

After you reach your destination you will have to locate the marina where your chartered yacht is located. Since most of the big marinas, where your yacht will also be waiting for you, are located close to major cities, the best is to make sure you arrive in close vicinities of those marinas.

Arriving at the charter base should be done at an agreed time since you will not be the only client checking in. If you arrive earlier, your time can be spent sightseeing, having a meal or maybe doing some last-minute shopping for your sailing trip (like perishables). In case you cannot make it at the agreed time, you need to inform us so we know when we can expect you.

Do not forget your documents! Passport or an ID card you should always have with you but good preparation is to photocopy them in case they will require copies of your documents. You will also be asked to leave a security deposit during the check-in and for this, you can use a credit card or cash.

And above all – submit your crew list to us at least 7 days prior to your charter!