Choosing a yacht on price alone | Yacht Charter Croatia

Choosing a yacht on price alone

You shouldn't choose a yacht based on its price alone. First make sure that the boat you are hiring has the following things included:

  • Full fuel tank (you will have to return the boat with the full fuel tank also)
  • Navigation and safety equipment
  • Transit log or Charter Pack
  • Dinghy (check for outboard engine for dinghy – if not included take it as additional equipment)
  • Bed linens, towels etc.

SAFETY should come first

when you decide to charter a yacht (sailing yacht, catamaran, motor boat or gulet) be aware that the price of the yacht is just a part of the costs of your sailing holidays. It might cost you more at the end, if you book a cheaper yacht. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t charter a yacht according to your budget, just be sure you don’t sacrifice the enjoyment of your holidays just for the sake of saving some money.

Yacht age (condition)

the older yachts (sailing yachts, catamarans, motor boats or gulets) are cheaper than the new yachts, but some of them might not have all important equipment. There are more factors to consider when choosing which yacht to charter.