Monohulls (sailing yachts) vs. multihulls (catamarans)? | Yacht Charter Croatia

Monohulls (sailing yachts) vs. multihulls (catamarans)?

Our clients usually ask us which type of yacht is better to rent, a sailing yacht or a catamaran. At the end, the choice usually defaults to your personal preference, but there are a couple of differences between sailing yachts and catamarans that we need to mention.

Level sailing

The main difference between sailing a catamaran (or trimaran) vs. a monohull is most noticeable in the lack of tilting. A catamaran will not tilt more than 5-10 degrees. So, the days of +20 degrees’ angle sailing and bracing yourself in the cockpit are gone.

Speed (sailing) performance

If you are experienced in sailing on a sailing yacht you will instantly notice (while sailing on catamaran) that this kind of boat is ca. 20-30% faster than a monohull the same size.

Safety (Unsinkability)

Catamarans are generally more stable. They don't bob back and forth in a swell allowing the guests to eat, sleep and just be at comfort. Catamarans give an overall much better experience for lounging, cooking and simply enjoying the sea from the cockpit which doesn't lie underneath, but rather on the same level as the boat.

Is it possible for a catamaran to flip over?

One of the most reassuring facts about multihulls (catamarans) is that they will remain on the surface as more stable boats compared to monohulls (during the same weather conditions).


Sailing on catamarans is easy because of the design of their hulls plus the light weight, which makes them easy to maneuver compared to monohulls. Apart from this, catamarans have almost always twin engines that allow easy control in any tight situations.  

Living spaces

As you might have concluded already, catamarans are bigger than sailing yachts and that gives you more lounging areas available for the crew. That is why they are always recommended for larger sailing parties.