What to pack for a Sailing trip? | Yacht Charter Croatia

What to pack for a Sailing trip?

Even though yachts (sailing yachts, catamarans, motor boats and gulets) come in various lengths, do not pack everything you own. First check this guide and figure out what to take with you.

Since space on a yacht is limited (even on the largest ones) the best thing is to limit your personal belonging to just one carry-on bag.


Before packing your clothes, you should first make a list of all groceries you need on the sailing trip. The size of the list will vary according to the number of people coming along (crew included – skipper, hostess, etc.) and the length of your charter. Charter yachts come equipped with functional kitchen with appliances so your meals will not only be dry sandwiches.

Apart from food, you should make sure there is more than enough water for drinking.


While packing your clothes for the sailing trip, do not be too fussy. There is no dress code on a yacht. Shorts, T-shirts, dresses and bathing suits are the norm. But no matter how warm the weather is, things can get quickly turned around on the open sea. So, bring least one waterproof windbreaker. Just in case.

Since most of your walking will be done on the deck, the shoes you are bringing should have non-slip soles that would stick well to the surface of the yacht (sailing yacht, catamaran, motor yacht or gulet).

Do not worry about bed linens since all the boats come with their own. But bring some towels with you, if they are not provided.

Medicine & Documents

Unless you know for sure that you do not get seasick while sailing, do not forget to pack some motion-sickness medication. Plus, of course, all other medical necessities you use.

You should have the following documents during the sailing trip:

  • Passport / ID card
  • Sailing certificates – if you are going to sail the yacht yourself (bareboat charter)
  • Driving license – in case you would like to hire a car or motorbike
  • Cash / Credit cards


While on your sailing trip you will be spending a lot of time out in the sun, so bring a sunscreen (high enough SPF to protect our skin). Cover-ups, sarongs, shirts or any other type of clothing will make sure your sailing trip will be a pleasant one and not remembered by annoying sunburns. Headgear (straw hat or cap) and sunglasses should not be forgotten.

Miscellaneous items

Just in case bring with you an extra battery or portable charger for your mobile phone, camera etc. Also, make sure you have enough memory for all shots or videos you intend to make during your sailing trip. Books or an e-reader would be a good choice for a hot afternoon or evening entertainment. A deck of cards is an excellent ice breaker in case you are traveling with people you don’t know.