Rovinj | Yacht Charter Croatia


The town of Rovinj is 50 km away from Pula by car. By sea, you can get here quite fast, so take the time and spend at least one of your days in Croatia in Rovinj. Rovinj is absolutely worth your attention, especially when you are approaching Rovinj from the sea. It makes a huge difference when you are coming somewhere by car or by boat. That unique feeling of the wind and the waves splashing your boat on your entrance to the local marina, you will have a completely different view on Rovinj. When you get there, please, don’t rush, you have all the time in the world, you’re on vacation. Visit the local market, walk up to the highest point in Rovinj where you will find the beautiful church of St. Eufemija with its stunning murals. Take a seat on the bench or in a cafe and wait for the sunset to come. These are extraordinary experiences and something memorable to take home with you. Every day offers something new and unexpected, get lost in the streets of this coastal town and explore, look up, look left and right when you are walking through Rovinj and you will be amazed what you see. Lighthouse Yacht Charter Croatia will take you to see, feel and of course experience all the extraordinary sights, sounds and vibes of this Croatian town.

If you have bad weather, don’t worry. Visit the wineries which are not far from Rovinj and offer exquisite wine & dine experiences. Write us an email and we will recommend how you can make the most out of your day. 


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