Alexander Yim Sydney

What a magical Croatian trip we had with the Lighthouse Sailing!

What a magical Croatian trip we had with Josip!

Last summer we rented LAGOON 400 for 5 days. The boat was great and we had no trouble while sailing. Very spacious and comfortable Catamaran for our happy group. When we think of what to look for in a skipper, most of us want someone who’s experienced sailor with a wealth of local knowledge about the islands. Our skipper Josip was all this, and MUCH more! He guided us on a dozen island adventures that we could never have researched or found on our own. He took us on a moped ride at sunset and wine tasting at vineyards, and gorgeous waterfront restaurants with the tastiest local seafood cuisine.

When we mentioned that we were keen to explore some of the local night life, not only did he take us to some fantastic bars, he also knew about a party in an old fort, as well as a late-night private beach party where one of his friends was DJing. This is not what you normally expect from your skipper. We had a blast!

We love Josip and wish him all the best with Lighthouse Sailing!